41 comments on “Lyrics of “Gobe” by Davido

  1. Davido .
    this is awesome, this video and all, am so in love with this song ..
    amazing, fabulous and entertaining.

  2. I really wish am done with my music skul..so dat me & davido cn mk d remix of diz muzik,i LOVE d song!!!

  3. Davido am so inlove with dis song, d dance, d video nd everything….
    I realy like all ur songs! Dey ol Entertaining

  4. Never knew i cud like any of ur songs! I can remember vividly telling my folks that i cud never buy ur compact disc for one kobo buh here i am…….. loving this track et all…….

  5. I love muzik boh “GOBE” is sumtn else-d concept,d dance steps,d beat,evritn abt dt song makes me dance n I dnt jst wnt 2 stp.Its more dan entatainin.Thumbs up dude!I appreciate ur work cos its always havn a unique stlye of creativity.I LOVE U KIP IT UP!!!

  6. Davido, l neva no say l go fall 4 any of ur tracks cuz l no like u n ur 1st hit from d start, say u just be reign of d moment; but lately, l com notice say some of ur tracks dey make sense musical-wise xpecially dis ‘Gobe’, l fall 4 am no be small. Keep blazin

  7. Man dis song ir a blast i love d sound d beat d dance nd also d lyrics i love ur voice nd ur swag ur my fav nigerian musician i love all ur song

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